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Temizoglu Kagit/Paper started its activities in 2000 with its investments in promotional and paper sector. In 2006, it started to produce paper wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, dispensers and box wipes and strives to develop and maintain long-term relationships with its customers. In 2011, with great change, Konfor branded products started to be offered to consumers and always focused on customer satisfaction. Comfort, Emporia brands, Industrial paper category, Konfor Professional, Motional branded products are brought to consumers with cleaning papers category. We strives to develop and maintain long lasting relationships with its clients by offering excellent customer service, on time deliveries and shorter lead times. We have always focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. To meet our customers' expectations, we ensure that our sales people and customer service representatives generate enthusiasm and respond with extra efforts in addressing our customers' needs. Our people are trained to be open and honest with you. With our continued success and hard work, our vision has become reality!

  1. Company Policy
  2. Quality Policy
  3. Service Quality
  4. Customer Satisfaction

1- Our company is developing a national and international customer demand and tastes, along with technology to ensure timely detection of these expectations is to offer products to the market.

2- Domestic and international technical standards adopted by the official standard of the product introduced to the market with a minimum ensure that the prescribed technical specifications.

3- To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, to pay attention to the economy as well as in production to ensure quality, continuity, technical and technological developments while protecting the environment by following our activities is an essential principle.

4- To ensure continuity of customer satisfaction, according to the principles of quality and continuous improvement of our services and the use of the resources committed to providing the necessary support by all employees.

As weTemizoglu provide high quality products to market by providing the basic goal is to maintain Customer Satisfaction

We have strong values, new opportunities for its customers with its innovations and alternative ideas evaluation shows great attention to detail. Our greatest resistance to new projects while preparing the belief that our customers, we trust and respect.

The basic principle is customer satisfaction;

Information Quality, Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Satisfaction makes the Reference

Trust & Respect

We hold strong values in business and fully trust and respect our customers, associates, manufacturers and community. Innovation: As we anticipate changes and alternative ideas, we help you to benefit from the many opportunities that continue to arise. We are innovative and informative regarding interesting new ideas in this industry and the explicit market needs in a responsive supply chain.


We bring to you the highest ethical standards. Always!


Quality is the primary determinant of customer satisfaction and loyalty, and it requires employees to continuously provide internal and external customers with the right product or service...done right...the first time. In today's increasingly competitive business environment, better quality translates into better value for our customers and, subsequently, better value for their customers-and this is the very essence of competitive differentiation.

About Us